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Pet Wound Care

Why use collagen wound products for your pet wound care?

Collagen is an essential building block for skin structure laying the foundation for strength. Wounds are a break in the skin which break collagen bonds. Lacerations and straight cuts typically adhere well with sutures, tapes, glues or staples and typically heal quickly with minimal inventions. Veterinary care instructions will likely recommend keeping the area clean, dry and covered while the area heals within the first two weeks.

More significant wounds like trauma injuries, bites, burns and degloving may be quite complicated. Advanced wound products will provide bioactive components leading to faster wound closure. Collagen-based products are typically made of non-hydrolyzed Type I bovine collagen, which maintains more integral structure to be absorbed. Many skin injuries can benefit from the additional collagen to boost healing and studies show a reduced time to closure.
Collagen-based products provide a natural hemostat that regulates the wound to help stop initial bleeding. The sheet and particle forms of collagen will bind with drainage to help debride mild necrotic tissue and encourage autolytic debridement. For drier wounds with slough, collagen gel can donate moisture and assist with removing dead tissue and debris. As the wound process continues, collagen encourages new granulation tissue and capillary formation to fill the wound surface through re-epithelialization. A strong, smooth scar is achieved faster with better structural integrity due to organized collagen bonds.

Human BioSciences, Inc received FDA approval in 1991 for the first collagen-based wound care dressings for use in humans. HBS introduced the first line of veterinary product line in 2021. Kollavet® products are indicated for small to large draining wounds like surgical sites, sores/abscesses, traumatic wounds, superficial wounds, burns, footpad injuries, and lick granulomas. Kollavet® products are appropriate for pet wound care including dogs, cats, horses, working animals and livestock, and provide a safe, non-toxic advanced healing method.

Kollavet® has three treatment options for treating minor animal injuries at home.

  1. Kollatek Gel is appropriate for shallow wounds with minimal to scant drainage.
  2. Kollavet® Collagen Sheets are appropriate for flat, shallow wounds with a bit of drainage.
  3. Kollavet® Collagen Particles can fill irregular-shaped wounds and depths.
    Start by using a gentle wound cleanser, apply the collagen, and secure with an absorbent bandage, wrapping or aerosol bandage. Clean and change dressings daily while monitoring for any signs of infection. Contact your veterinarian with any changes in the animal’s condition.

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