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Pet First Aid

Treating Minor Injuries at Home

We are all prone to minor skin injuries from time to time, and our animals are no different. Scapes, cuts, and even minor foot pad wounds may be managed safely at home, especially if there is no excessive bleeding, debris in the wound, and your animal is complaint with allowing you to treat the area.

The wound must be cleaned thoroughly to allow for visualization and severity determination. Any wound with debris or uncontrolled bleeding will require veterinary care. Delaying care could be at the detriment of your animal. Only clean and minor wounds should be cared for at home, knowing that your veterinarian needs to be contacted if the injury worsens.

First, stop bleeding with a clean cloth or bandage. Remove the bandage gently after 10 minutes. Avoid pulling if the bandage sticks, which will cause bleeding to start again. Try saturating the bandage to allow for easier removal.

If you do not have a pet wound cleanser or saline solution, use a gentle body wash solution and lukewarm water to rinse the wound thoroughly. Get a clear look to ensure there is no debris stuck or deep pockets that were not noticeable initially. A flashlight and an extra set of hands might be helpful.

Saline is appropriate for any wound with no signs of infection and can be easily made at home to tend to the wound as it heals.

  • Add 8 Teaspoons of Salt to 1 Gallon of Boiling Water
  • Place in a clean closed container and cool to room temperature before using.
  • The solution can be stored in the fridge for up to a week in a sealed container.
  • Do not contaminate the solution by dipping dirty tools or dressings into the container.

Kollavet® has three treatment options for treating minor animal injuries at home.

  1. Kollatek Gel is appropriate for shallow wounds with minimal to scant drainage.
  2. Kollavet® Collagen Sheets are appropriate for flat, shallow wounds with a bit of drainage.
  3. Kollavet® Collagen Particles can fill irregular-shaped wounds and depths.

All products should be secured with an absorbent bandage, wrapping or aerosol bandage. You should plan to monitor your animal to limit dressing contamination and change whenever it becomes loose, dirty, or soiled with drainage. The dressing may need to be changed several times in a day with the wound cleansed each time. A cone may be beneficial if the animal cannot stop licking or playing with the dressing.

Please reach out to if you have questions about Kollavet® products and reach out to your veterinarian with any animal condition changes.