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Frequently Asked Questions

Kollavet® products are active wound treatments for open wounds on animals. Products include bioactive collagen sheets and particles for use in minor animal wound care. Products are meant to be used on small animals like household pets, dogs and cats. However, larger working animals like horses and livestock can benefit.

  1. The fastest way to heal a wound includes following these principles will achieve the fastest wound closing.
  2. Eliminate any debris and dead tissue and while protecting healthy tissue.
  3. Encourage re-epithelialization and wound closure.
  4. Reduce inflammation and protect from infection.

All wounds go through the same process of healing.

  1. Homeostasis is stopping initial bleeding
  2. Inflammation occurs to activate a response from the immune system to clear bacteria and prevent infection.
  3. Proliferation fills in the wound with new blood supply and granulation tissue through epithelialization.
  4. Maturation is the remodeling of new tissue into stronger and more flexible scar tissue.

While all wounds go through the same phases of wound healing. Some wounds may stall at any phase and become slow healing chronic wounds. Kollavet products can be beneficial during any stage of healing. Collagen encourages a moist wound healing environment which encourages the wound to produce fluid which helps to remove debris and dead tissue. Collagen promotes strong epithelial tissue growth and granulation tissue formation. Collagen is bioactively absorbed into the new tissue to promote strong and more flexible scars.  

No. Principles of wound care and animal wound management show that wounds heal faster when kept moist and covered to prevent infection and contamination from the environment.

First make sure there are no deep puncture wounds or major damage. Cleanse the area with a wound wash for animals. Stop any bleeding and dress the wound as described in the product instructions. Repeat daily or as needed if the dressing is no longer staying in place. Watch for signs of infection like increases in pain, oozing, odor, animals guarding the affected area or acting sick. When in doubt, contact your veterinarian.

For the care of open wounds, we recommend changing the dressing daily.

Principles of wound care and bandaging techniques recommend: cleansing the wound, applying Kollavet® collagen sheets or particles and then securing it with an absorbent dressing or aerosol bandage.

No. There is no color added to Kollavet® animal wound and skin care home remedies. Sheets and Particles are naturally white in color. If any products get on your furniture you can simply moisten and wipe them away.

No. Kollavet® products are made from non-toxic safe biodegradable bovine (cattle) products. If your animal can tolerate beef products there should be no negative effects. Be advised to contact the veterinarian for any concerns.

To get the best animal wound treatment, Kollavet® Collagen Sheets should cover the entire open area of the wound and can be tucked into any shallow crevice. Kollavet® Collagen Particles should be applied to fill the entire cavity. Either product requires that enough be used to cover the entire open wound.

You may need to trim or clip away long fur from the wound area. Use a wound wash made for animals or a saline solution. Irrigate the area until any debris is removed. Apply light pressure with a clean towel to stop any bleeding. If unable to stop bleeding, contact your emergency veterinarian. If bleeding stops, continue to dress the wound as described in the product instructions.